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Outstanding quality materials, a wide variety of amazing colors and a design that doesn’t go unnoticed. This is the rising world of Vikavi Milano.

This made in Italy brand is conquering  Europe’s best boutiques and I had the pleasure to hear its wonderful story, that was hidden in its founder’s heart. It’s been a journey made of research, dedication and love for one’s work.

“Travelling the world I understood the value of Made in Italy and this is the qualitative path I chose for Vikavi Milano” – VIKTORIYA BISE


Viktoryia Bise – The founder’s story

Born in Moscow, raised in Switzerland, Viktoriya graduated in 2010 in Letters at the University of Geneva, city where she lived for 14 years. She speaks  4 languages and has acquired a very wide and international perspective in relations and cultures in general.

She worked both in corporate and private banking, but it was one of her many travels that gave her the inspiration for the creation of her brand.

Imagine you are on vacation in Bali, holding in your hands one of their beautiful handcrafted openwork suede shawls (Indonesian suede is the best in the world with a huge variety of colors) and understanding immediately that this product in Europe could lead to a very interesting business opportunity. Viktoriya decided to start importing them to Europe. She got it right! After only 2 years she already could count on a solid client portfolio.

In 2012 Viktoriya takes the decision to leave her job in banking to dedicate herself to the fashion world completely, launching her first capsule collection.

Jackets, shawls, dresses, trousers, skirts…all made from the best quality materials.

In 2014 she launches a collection of double-faced sheepskin jackets – sheepskin-suede and sheepskin-nappa leather. Her clients immediately fall in love with these new items that complete Viktoriya’s collection.

In 2017 Vikavi Milano creates its fabulous, Limited Edition shoes.

These sneakers, loafers, boots and sandals are produced from handcrafted exclusive fabrics that Viktoriya always searches for personally.

They are all-season shoes, very comfortable and absolutely cool. Every piece is colorful and unique.

Just like with clothing, all the shoes are also made in Italy, with the quality, finishing and reliability that only the most experienced artisans can guarantee to a brand.

Besides its collection, Vikavi Milano can create custom and personalized clothing items.

Colors and materials can be selected directly by the clients. This useful and special service makes this brand even more exclusive and fascinating.

Viktoriya never gets tired of looking for new products and materials for her projects. She is very mindful of detail and constantly works to satisfy the clients’ demands. Partnerships, travels and the will to learn keep alive the spirit of this brand that has got very much to tell through the creativity of its founder.

“I would like to keep creating pieces that are unique and different from others, always keeping the final customer satisfied.” – VIKTORIYA BISE

Among the boutiques where you can find Vikavi Milano we can name:

Bongenié Grieder in Geneve, Trinity in Saint Tropez, Monte-Carlo Forever in the Principality of Monaco, Brunetto Tiziano in Portofino, Ogoni Cannes in Cannes, Sunny H, Cathaleia Capri in Capri, Elle di Laura Ciregia in Pietrasanta and many more.

What Vika say ?
  • " I would like to keep creating pieces that are unique and different from others, always keeping the final customer satisfied. "


  • " Before demanding something, work hard to get it. "



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